Our Impact

Our Mission:  "To provide independent, credible audit services promoting improvement in government."

We Value: 

  • Purpose
  • People
  • Professionalism
  • Positive Response to Change

The Department of Audits and Accounts serves the citizens of Georgia through its auditing and oversight activities of state agencies, colleges, universities, local school systems, county tax assessors, local retirement systems, county and municipal governments, and nonprofit organizations.       

One of our goals is to have a positive, indelible impact on state and local government.   We want to provide the citizens of Georgia with assurances that their tax dollars are safeguarded from fraud, waste, and abuse and that state programs are using their tax dollars efficiently and effectively.

  • Our financial audit work for the state’s Single Audit Report resulted in 144 audit findings and $155,000  in questioned costs.  
  • Our audit work at the state’s colleges, universities, and technical colleges identified questioned costs of more than $1.4 million.
  • Our financial audits of local school systems resulted in 51 findings involving 15 major federal programs with questioned costs totaling more than $2.8 million.
  • Our performance audits released in 2011 included a total of 100 recommendations for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of state programs.   Based on historical data, it is anticipated that about 85% of these recommendations will be implemented either fully or partially. 
  • The efforts of our information systems auditors resulted in 135 recommendations for improvements. 
  • The Statewide-Equalized Adjusted Property Tax Digest prepared by Department personnel was used by the Department of Education to distribute about $1.7 billion in QBE (Quality Basic Education) funds among the state’s school systems.
  • The Department also prepares fiscal notes estimating the effect of any proposed legislation that may impact the revenues or expenditures of any state agency.  
  • For legislation affecting state retirement systems, the Department is required to have an actuarial investigation conducted, unless the Department certifies that the proposed legislation has no fiscal impact.