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Award of Distinction for Excellent Financial Reporting

The Best Practice Criteria has been established to recognize better practices for financial reporting and controls. This Award of Distinction encourages Colleges and Universities to go beyond the minimum requirements of generally accepted accounting principles and recognize individual organizations that are successful in achieving that goal.

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2018 Submission Deadlines

    For Certificate of Achievement for Excellent Financial Reporting:
      November 15 - Financial Statements and related audit evidence to Auditors (see Certificate Criteria above for details)

Audit Resources:

Cash Flow Statement Checksheet

The cash flow statement checksheet can be used to review the correctness and accuracy of the cash flow statement.

USG Request List   Updated 6/30/2017

These lists includes items Colleges, Universities, and Technical College should prepare to provide the auditors from the Department of Audits & Accounts.  The listing provides for different engagement types include an audit, an agreed upon procedures engagement, and a full disclosure management report engagement.

EAD File Collection System - User Guide

File Collection System can be used to upload requested items, engagement information, etc. to the Department of Audits and Accounts.

Technical Resources:

2017 Technical College System of Georgia VBA Meeting  Updated 2/23/2016

Presentation for the Technical College financial personnel given at the 2016 Vice President of Administration's meetings. This presentations provide an overview of the latest issues, standards, and updates affecting the engagements performed by the Department of Audits and Accounts.

Segregation of Duties Matrix

Why Do We Need Strong Internal Controls?